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Forgiving Our Self and Others

~ Half-Day course at Heruka KMC

Sat 20 July, 10am - 1pm

Have you ever noticed how you can hold on to past mistakes long after they have occurred? Some of us hold on to these for years, or even for a lifetime! Learn meditations and practical methods to let go of feelings of guilt, blame and resentment and instead develop positive and healthy ways of relating to ourself and others. In this way we will soon find peace of mind!

£25 (Includes refreshments)


Summer Barbeque

~ At Heruka KMC

Sat 24 August, 11am - 3pm

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of delicious vegetarian food in the tranquil setting of the Heruka KMC garden in the company of friends and family. Everyone welcome!

£10 adults, £5 under 16s, free under 12s

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Love without Pain

~ Half-day course in Crouch End

Sat 17 August, 10am - 1pm

Learn how to cultivate authentic loving kindness and make our relationships with others more stable and satisfying. Why is it that so often our relationships and interactions with others result in a storm of painful emotions? Why do we feel so much grief when we are separated from those we care for? And why does what appeared to be a “perfect match” so often end in conflict? The answer to all these questions can be found within Buddha’s teachings on love and attachment. By learning to distinguish between these two very different but often mixed states of mind we can establish the foundation for lasting, harmonious relationships, improve our experience of pure love and solve many of our daily problems.

£25 (Includes refreshments)

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Karma – What We Need to Know, What We Need to Do

~ Half-day course with Kadam John McBretney at Heruka KMC

Sat 7 September, 10am - 1pm

Everyone needs to understand karma because our own, personal karma determines what we experience and what our future holds. Only by learning to manage our own karma can we purify the past and create the future we long for. Learn about the infallible, hidden truth of karma and how to harness this understanding to free ourself from sadness and disappointment and create real peace, fulfilment and happiness.

£25 (Includes refreshments)

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How to Remove Your Negative Karma

~ Weekend Retreat with Kadam John McBretney

13 - 15 Sep at Heruka KMC

All the problems and difficulties we experience in our daily life, including the obstacles to our spiritual practice, arise from our negative karma. On this weekend retreat, based on the profound yet simple Oral Instructions of Mahamudra, Kadam John will explain teachings and guide powerful retreat sessions to remove our negative karma through purification practice in conjunction with the short mantra of Buddha Vajrasattva. Purifying the mind in this way is the real method for solving problems, removing obstructions, and accomplishing the actual path to a pure world. It is the supreme purification practice. Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of the sessions of the retreat.

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Meditations for a Clear Mind

~ Half-Day retreat at Heruka KMC

Sat 21 September, 10am - 1pm

Learn how to get the most out of our life by reducing distractions and developing a more focused and peaceful mind. Often our mind is very busy, always moving from one thing to the next. This can be exhausting and stressful – robbing us of our mental space and clarity . On this course discover how we can quieten our mind and find mental peace and stillness through training in meditation. By reducing distractions and developing a more focused mind we can learn to enjoy our inner peace even in the midst of our busy modern lives.

£25 (Includes refreshments)

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Living a Life of Great Meaning

~ Day course with Kadam John McBretney at Heruka KMC

Sat 19 October, 10am - 4pm

Everyone, Buddhist or non-Buddhist, who wants to fulfil their main wish – to be happy all the time – needs to practise Buddha's teachings, or Dharma, because it is only by practising Dharma that we can accomplish this aim. Some people may say, ‘If I become wealthy, enjoy a good reputation and have a relationship with someone I desire, I will be happy all the time.’ I am very sorry, but this is not true! Kadam John will give teachings based on the transmission of Venerable Geshe Kelsang’s latest book, The Mirror of Dharma, explaining practically what we need to do to enjoy a life of great meaning. This is a wonderful and precious opportunity.

£35 (Includes vegetarian lunch)


Tantra – Harness the Hidden Power of Your Mind

~ Half-day Course at Heruka KMC

Sat 26 October, 10am - 1pm

Tantra is a special purification method, and if we put it into practice we will very quickly attain enlightenment. Our world does not exist from its own side; like a dream world, it is a mere appearance to our mind – a mere projection of our mind. Because of this, when our mind is impure our world is impure, and when our mind becomes pure through purification practice our world becomes pure. When we completely purify our mind through Tantric practice, our world, our self, our enjoyments and our activities also become completely pure – this is the state of enlightenment. Attaining enlightenment is therefore very simple; all we need to do is apply effort to purifying our mind. Everyone welcome!

£25 (Includes refreshments)

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Realising the Way Things Exist

~ Prajnaparamita Empowerment with Kadam John McBretney at Heruka KMC

Sat 16 November, 10.30am to 4.30pm

This empowerment is a special ceremony and guided meditation in which we receive the inspiring blessings of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, a female enlightened being who is the embodiment of Buddha’s perfection of wisdom. Receiving her blessings functions to heal our mind and to awaken our pure potential, our Buddha nature. In this way we can permanently solve our own and others’ problems, accomplish pure, everlasting happiness and make our human life truly meaningful. Everyone is welcome.

£40 (includes vegetarian lunch)

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How to Be Kind to Yourself 

~ Half-day course at Heruka KMC

Sat 23 November, 10am - 1pm

Buddha said that we are our own protector and that we are our own enemy. It is therefore important to learn how we are often harming ourself by thinking in ways that make us feel depressed or angry, and how we can instead start thinking in ways that uplifts our mind and makes us feel happy about ourself and others. In this way we are truly kind to ourself and we help others too.

£25 (Includes refreshments)

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Dealing with Loss and Change

~ Day course with Kadam John McBretney at Heruka KMC

Sat 7 December, 10am - 4pm

The people and things we hold onto and worry about are in a state of constant change. By contemplating Buddha’s teachings on life, death and rebirth we can discover how to live within the experience of the truth of impermanence. In this way we can learn to reduce our mental clinging and begin to relax, let go and enjoy life to the full in the midst of change.

£35 (Includes vegetarian lunch)

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A Life Without Stress

~ Half-day course at Heruka KMC

Sat 14 December, 10am - 1pm

Stress and irritation are endemic in our busy, fast paced life. We tend to think that situations or people in our life are the causes of our stress or unhappiness, so we then spend a lot of time mentally trying to figure out how to fix those situations or people, which often just makes our mind busier. Buddha taught that all our unhappiness, stress and irritation comes from our mind – specifically from our unrealistic expectations and our exaggerated views of ourself, people around us and the world in general. By learning to identify the actual causes of stress and unhappy thoughts we can begin to understand how to become free from them. On this course we will explore special ways of thinking and meditations that heal the mind of the source of these problems.

£25 (Includes refreshments)

Everyone Welcome!

These courses are open to everyone and cover a wide range of practical, profound and inspiring topics. Each session includes guided meditation, a talk and a chance to ask questions.

"If we want to experience true, lasting happiness, we need to learn the secret of inner peace by meditating.” 

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

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