Getting Involved

Voluntary Work and Living in Heruka KMC

Heruka KMC is a registered charity that provides public benefit through the kindness and support of volunteers. Volunteering is a nice way to do something meaningful for others, learn different skills, and to make new friends. You are welcome to help out for as many hours as you like.

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Here are just some of the volunteering opportunities









Supporting classes

Volunteering Visitor in London

Another great way of volunteering and to get to know the community is to join us for a working visit. We will provide seven days free dormitory accommodation and three vegetarian meals a day in exchange for 25 hours of work (usually spread over five days). Your weekends are free so it is an ideal time to explore London and discover the city life. As a working visitor you are welcome to take part in the spiritual activities at Heruka KMC. A working visit can be arranged for short term or long term periods depending on your skills and the work that needs doing.

Becoming a Resident

There are also occasional opportunities to become a resident of Heruka KMC. For more information about becoming a resident please contact the Centre. To find out more about volunteering or becoming a resident please call Heruka KMC on 020 8455 7563, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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rooms 11 Woodstock Road

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