Meditation classes in Heruka KMC, Golders Green OLD

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About ‘Overcoming Anxiety & Worry’
Imagine living without stress and tension – a life free from worry, anxiety and the many daily problems these negative states of mind create. In these classes, we will look at how meditation can beat stress and help you to be more relaxed, peaceful and positive in daily life.

About ‘Positive Relationships Through Meditation’
Learn how we can improve our relationships with our partner, family, friends and everyone we meet by meditating on patience, love and compassion. These meditations will make our relationships become more harmonious, joyful and long-lasting, and function to draw us closer to a state of pure and lasting happiness.

What to expect
Classes are offered seated on chairs. Each class is self-contained and includes an initial breathing meditation, a talk and a second meditation. There is time for discussion, to ask questions and for advice on how to improve your practice of meditation at the end of each class. You can either book your ticket in advance or pay when you arrive. Everyone is welcome.

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